Sun Dial Bengal Cats
We are now a small Cattery in Northern California. Our Cats enjoy the freedom of our House along with their climate controlled "Catio" within our patio, providing them with protection to
enjoy the outdoor sunlight and fresh air. For the Love of Bengals…. We are truly in love with this breed, they are truly something special and are extremely intelligent. 
We have interactive loving relationships with our cats, we treat them as family members, and some of our Bengals are toilet trained, skateboard riding, leash walking, car riding members of the family… Bengals are very capable of communicating their wants, they are fast learners and they love to be the center of attention.
Having loved and learned so much about Bengals, their temperament and that beautiful golden glitter that is a trademark of the Bengals, we have decided to raise them and share them with others. Our kittens are born and raised in our home. 
Total hands on and they are very well socialized. These cats are very enjoyable entertainment, they have all been raised around our dog and therefore will do well with other dogs. Our Kittens and Cats are fed high quality food and fresh cooked chicken, good nutrition is key to good health and a long healthy lifespan.

Here are some of our              Bengal  pictures  CLICK ONTO small picture to see enlarge
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(530) 227-1522

Tel: (530) 227-1522

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