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Deposits are non-refundable, but under certain conditions may be transferable to a different kitten (i.e. show quality kitten develops a tail fault or pops a locket prior to shipping or picking up your kitten.)
Please fill out the information below, after doing so click on the Submit button at the bottom of this page.
What are you interested in a Male or Female or Adult 

   Kittens that are being shipped 
will be shipped at 16 weeks of age
                  no exceptions 

Please                       pictures of your
cattery so I am assured that a kitten
when place with you will have a 
suitable environment of ensure
optimum health and happiness
Thank You

Please fill out below if purchasing a breeder and / or show kitten / cat

Temperament is of the utmost importance here at
                        Sundail Bengals
My kittens are friendly and well socialized
My kittens are not raised in cages, they are raised indoors
As they get older and more self assured they get the run of the house.

Pet deposit $300.00
​Breeder/Show Deposit $500.00
Kitten Shipping $365.00
Adult Shipping $468.00

Which cat clubs do you show under

Please click onto the Submit button
after filling out this form

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