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A responsible Bengal breeder

*  Has specific breeding goals and pursues them

 * Belongs to one or several breed club(s)

*  has at least one mentor or knows where to turn to if proper advice is needed

*  Understands and breeds to the standard

*  Knows the history of the breed

*  Is active in cat related activities like cat shows, breeder meetings/forums, events which further the continuing 
education and knowledge, etc

*  Sells pets with spay/neuter contract and tries to stay in touch with new owner

*  Is knowledgeable about health problems (inherited and acquired) and temperament issues affecting the breed in 
general, and honestly discloses any experienced problems, now and in the past, to prospective buyers, especially if cat 
is been used for breeding

*  Performs health/genetic tests where available and where it makes sense

*  Will not deliberately degrade any fancier, their cats or their cattery

*  Will be honest and ethical in all financial dealings with buyer

*  Will produce and keep accurate records for all breeding animals like contracts, pedigrees, test results, etc.

*  Will breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed

*  Will not breed to make money

*  Will not sell or donate to commercial wholesalers, dealers, brokers, retailers, pet shops and the like

*  Will be available to his buyers for whatever reasonable advice and assistance they may need

*  Knows how to read and understand a pedigree

*  Will not crossbreed (mix different breeds) or hybridize (mix different species)

*  will conscientiously plan each litter and select stud and queen to be mated based on their pedigrees, conformation 
and temperament

*  Will avoid incestuous breeding (mother/son, brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister etc.) whenever possible

*  Will avoid excessive use of individuals (also known as popular sire syndrome) or group of closely related individuals 
in breeding program

* Will avoid to sell individuals with the same ancestors or closely related ancestors to many different breeders all 
over the world so as to avoid decrease of genetic diversity

*  Will promote a low proportion of close kinship matings in order to thereby reduce the increase of inbreeding

*   Will work to decrease the number of breeding restrictions which are NOT intended to be for the health/survival of the 
breed and which will limit the possibilities for an efficient use of existing genetic material

*  Will only sell to novice breeders if is also willing and capable to dedicate required time for assistance and 
guidance or, makes sure that another experienced local breeder will provide the necessary help

*  Will share breeding stock only with those who want to be a responsible breeder
What is a responsible and ethical cat breeder?