This supplement, that is regularly used at Sundial Bengals has also added benefit to both pregnant queens and young kittens. I have been using KITTY BLOOM VM900+3 vitamins for my cats and it has helped to confer strong muscle development and immune systems on the kittens and to keep weight at an optimum level on my breeding cats. I use it to ensure that my cats and kittens have a well balanced vitamin in case their appetites drop due to stress or illness and to insure good nutrition in developing kittens
The dosing range is ¼ to ½ teaspoon per day and can be added directly to the dry food or mixed with Beechnut baby food (no cornstarch like the Gerber brand) or canned food. The surprising benefit in using this vitamin was the effect on their coats. When I called the company to ask how the line was established she told me that a chicken farmer was having trouble with his chickens producing a low yield of eggs. They developed a vitamin for chickens and not only did they produce a greater yield, their feathers also filled out. Thus began their chicken bloom, which later branched out into cat and dog vitamins producing a similar effect in coat.

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It is equally important to use a vitamin-mineral supplement with raw or homemade diets to ensure there are no deficiencies with various recipes and to increase absorption of nutrients in the food, when analyzing raw diets have found that 95% have serious calcium deficiencies. This can lead to bone, muscle, and reproductive disorders. KITTY BLOOM KALAC M34 is a pure calcium product designed for use in homemade diets to correct this deficiency.  It provides better accuracy and is more economical than using dairy products or bone meal.

Bloom Wate Weight Additive
Available In 
4 oz  $10.95
1 lb  $20.95
4 lb  $46.95
XtraBloom Digest-AID
               Available In
3 oz     $16.95
8 oz    $32.95
18 oz  $64.95

The original vitamin formula with  Taurine added
           Available In
3oz  $12.95
8oz  $25.95
1lb  $38.95
4lb  $84.95

Kalac Calcium supplement 
Add to meat mixtures                          for calcium supplementation
Available In
8 oz

Kitty Bloom Super Lysine
                 Available In
3oz   $8.95
8oz  $15.95
1lb   $26.95
4lb​  $67.95

The level of vitamins added to all commercial feeds (even premium brands) are at 
best minimal and cannot be guaranteed. Then add the vitamin damaging factors in the processing and storage of these feeds and you find the diet could be lacking the necessary amounts of essential nutrients needed to promote the best of health under all conditions.
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Container Size
XtraBloom Digest-Aid
Kittybloom Super Lysine
Xtrabloom Wate
Concentrated Source of pure l-Lysine with real cheese and chicken liver flavor. Each 1/4 tsp. supplies 368 mg. of l-Lysine
​Effective in boosting immune system in cats and kittens.
Use in conjunction with VM900+3
Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals and Taurine
Proven Essential in the Feline diet!
     *Combats dry, flaky skin and dull coat
     *Enhances coat color for show animals
     *Boosts immune system against disease and infection
     *Improves reproductive success
Increases feed efficiency through improved absorption of foods
Balanced nutritional support during critical periods of stress or illness
Helps prevent excessive shedding
Reduces risk of cardiovascular, retinal and reproductive disorders
Concentrated powder form with REAL CHEESE
Great for finicky eaters
Proven safe and effective with millions of cats and with all types of diets

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Prime Animal Fat in Powder Form
The fat product of choice for skinny little kitties !
Use with breeding queens, growing kittens,
and cats who seem to use all nine-lives at once
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Unique blend of beneficial digestive bacteria, enzymes,
and FOS Great Cheese Flavor! Aids in proper digestive action
during times of:
Stress from travel, boarding, or showing Diarrhea or                       Upset Stomach
Antibiotic Therapy or Illness
Also useful in establishing "good" bacteria for newborns!
Safe and Effective With Any Diet
Use daily to increase feed absorption,
consistency of stools, and protect against digestive upsets.
High Quality Concentrated Formula
Some of us are feeding the RAW diet, thinking they are getting all of what the need in the nutrition of feeding raw, but even feeding raw they are still not getting the Vitamins & Minerals that they need. So supplementing them with Kitty Bloom Products is a must!  
It is equally important to use a  
vitamin-mineral supplement 
with raw or homemade diets
to ensure there are no
deficiencies with various recipes
and to increase absorption of
nutrients in the food. Also,
analyzing raw diets have found that 95% have serious calcium deficiencies. This can lead to bone, muscle, and reproductive disorders.
So Order
it is a pure calcium product
designed for use in homemade diets to correct this deficiency. It provides better accuracy and is more economical than using dairy products or bone meal.
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Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals & Taurine
Proven Essential in the Feline diet!
Guaranteed Analysis Per Pound
Vitamin A 1,000,000 IU Folic Acid 100 mg.
Vitamin D3 100,000 IU Inositol 5000 mg.
Vitamin E 4,000 IU PABA 100 mg.
Vitamin C 4,500 mg. Magnesium .045%
Vitamin B12 8,000 mg. Manganese .025%
Riboflavin 800 mg. Iron .30%
Pantothenic Acid 4,200 mg. Copper .015%
Niacin 6,250 mg. Zinc .037%
Choline Chloride 30,000 mg. Iodine .0045%
Thiamine (B1) 750 mg. Cobalt .015%
Pyridoxine (B6) 400 mg. Potassium .20%
Biotin 5 mg. Calcium .75%
Taurine 51,393 mg. Phosphorus .65%